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Senco Gold uses Google Ads to grow year-on-year revenue by 30%


“We’ve been told that building awareness online and increasing footfall in store are two different objectives that can’t be solved together. Today, with TrueView, we can say it can be solved together: you can promote your brand, incentivise visits and measure it.”

– Suvankar Sen, Executive Director, Senco Gold

Senco Gold’s goals

Senco Gold opened its first jewellery store in Kolkata approximately 50 years ago. Today, the retailer has nearly 90 stores across 14 Indian states and an annual revenue of $250M+ (approximately 17.2B ₹). While the family business has largely stayed the same, Senco Gold has been open minded in using technology to modernise its processes and branding.

Suvankar Sen, Executive Director at Senco Gold, notes that women aged 25 – 45 are still the main purchasers of gold, especially during the wedding season or festivals like Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras. However, traditional media spends did not boost in-store traffic, and the company found it hard to measure the performance of its advertising.

Moving forward, Senco Gold’s goal was to utilise digital ads to raise brand awareness and drive sales. It also wanted to start accurately tracking its results, so it could make better decisions about how to spend its marketing budget.

Senco Gold’s approach

Akshaya Tritiya is the annual springtime Hindu and Jain festival; it’s considered a highly auspicious time to buy jewellery. To capitalise on this, Senco Gold placed ads on relevant YouTube videos leading up to Akshaya Tritiya.

On top of that, Senco Gold also tweaked its ads to include location extensions. These extensions allowed users to identify their physical distance from the nearest Senco Gold store, and quickly access an online map for directions.

With location extensions, Senco Gold could now measure the impact of their ads on store visits. To do this, they simply compared the number of users viewing their ads from nearby locations to the increase in footfall in each store.

Location extensions aside, Senco Gold also launched Display remarketing ads to reinforce their brand to consumers who had previously visited their website. Last but not least, the company used Brand Lift Surveys to measure brand metrics of their YouTube campaign by comparing responses from those who saw the ads to similar audiences who did not.

Senco Gold’s results

Senco Gold loved the fact that store visits could be attributed to specific ads and keywords. This revealed how powerfully an online awareness campaign could drive offline sales, and it also allowed them to optimise their campaigns to drive even better results.

Senco Gold achieved significant success in established markets like Kolkata with a brand awareness lift of 28%. In cities like Bangalore, where their presence is not so established, Senco achieved 30% revenue growth over 2017-2018, at a quarter of the cost of traditional media used in the previous year.

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